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HostPapa Joomla Hosting

HostPapa is a service which will host most content management systems together with Joomla, and its services and fast installation scripts make it a good Joomla host. HostPapa is an eco-friendly web host and is known for excellent uptime, a vast quantity of options and unlimited bandwidth and storage. If your website is within the small to medium size of businesses, then HostPapa will offer you everything you would like for your Joomla website.

How to Install Joomla on HostPapa

The Joomla CMS is fairly straightforward to use once you’ve got it set up, however putting it in can take a while. If you don’t have the skills to properly install PHP files, then your website might experience numerous issues like missing files, the CMS not showing properly or certain options not operating. Its way easier if the host installs the files for you and HostPapa will do this easily.

HostPapa offers an easy script installation program referred to as Softaculous that enables you to put in all of the Joomla files in just seconds. You only need to tell the host what domain you wish the CMS to be put in on. This means that even new Joomla users will quickly get their feet wet while avoiding the annoyances of manually installing all of the PHP files.

HostPapa features an excellent uptime guarantee that ensures your Joomla website will be up most of the time. Their uptime guarantee is 99.9 percent. This implies that your website will at maximum go down a span of forty three minutes per month. The website might go down owing to server upgrades or technical problems, however the possibilities of somebody noticing your website being down is extremely rare. There are a total of 720 hours during a month, and being down only one of those hours shouldn’t have an effect on your website at all.

Joomla websites are meant to be seen. Obviously you would like an internet host that takes uptime very seriously, and HostPapa is devoted to keeping its customers happy.

HostPapa Joomla Upgrades

The Joomla CMS is an open system that’s perpetually being upgraded by its developers. The new versions go along with additional options and advantages; however the main reason why you must upgrade is because every new Joomla version is safer than the last. Most of these upgrades patch up security flaws that hackers are exploiting, and also the developers wish to keep your website as safe as possible. Having an older version of Joomla will considerably increase your chances of being hacked.

HostPapa systematically performs upgrades whenever a brand new Joomla version is discharged. This ensures that you are kept safe, and you can make the most of any options that are included with the update.